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Program Description

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia is Liberia’s foremost youth organization founded for the sole purposes of directing and developing the young minds.

Since our accreditation in 2004, we have continued to work towards addressing the need for grassroots participation in nation building. Since the 14-year civil crisis that nearly destroyed every fabric of our society, the youth population, which is, by far, the most affected, have been marginalized and in some cases, abandoned. This marginalization, and subsequent abandonment, especially in the workforce, is mostly due to the vast illiteracy rate the war left behind. As a result, Liberia has been populated with a huge number of healthy, unskilled, and illiterate young people who would do anything to survive. Consequently, youth populated areas have become a haven of all sorts of crimes.

It is from this backdrop that Youth Crime Watch of Liberia was founded to fight the illiteracy, the abandonment and the marginalization of young people. It is our ambition to see a major youth inclusion in every aspect of our nation building process.

Our Strategy

14 years is a long time, and for a child, it constitutes most of her childhood and high school education. Young people who were in school stopped attending and those who were about to enroll had to postpone their enrollment for 14 years. Imagine that! It is very difficult to cure a 14-year old wound.

We, at Youth Crime Watch of Liberia, are addressing and mending these wounds by educating and training the youth population, while, at the same time, promoting reconciliation, reconstruction, peace and development through crime prevention, youth empowerment and youth development.

We have partnered with local and international organizations to ensure success in our endeavors. In 2008, we partnered with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to establish the first known youth communication hub in the country. In 2010, we partnered with the Japanese government to construct and minimally equip the only known young women empowerment center in Liberia.

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