Nikolai G. L. Holm

A Canadian studying in Norway
I came to Liberia in order to conduct field research for my Masters
thesis in Peace and Conflict Transformation, and at the same time,
participate in an internship with Youth Crime Watch of Liberia (YCWL) through Experience Liberia. Even though I was very busy between these two tasks, I had a really positive experience.
The people at YCWL were very helpful to make sure my time in Liberia was productive, educational, exciting, safe, and really fun. I learned so much about the country’s history, culture, and future challenges.
It was a pleasure to work with such passionate, intelligent, and energetic young people. It was especially helpful that they were accommodating of my own research project and helped use their
extensive connections in the community to help me conduct my field work in the short time that I was visiting their beautiful country.
Youth Crime Watch of Liberia draws upon the energy and creativity of Liberian young people in an effort to make Liberian communities happier, safer, and more secure places to live. My internship withthem opened my eyes to what an incredible and hopeful place Liberia truly is.