About Us


Youth Crime Watch’s beginnings were simple. We started with a belief. A belief in a safe, peaceful, unified, educated, and economically vibrant Liberia with grassroots participation in nation building.  YCWLiberia was established by a young Liberian student, Zuo Taylor and later was join by young student leader Ernest Vafee. They believed in establishing a youth-led and youth-based organization that gave youth access to skills, knowledge and resources that they need to one day lead Liberia.


“One of the issues I can tell you about is how we went from having nothing to doing something is still something that is within my imagination” – Zuo Taylor, Executive Director


Youth Crime Watch’s beginnings were not easy and in fact they still aren’t. Mr Taylor and Mr. Vafee travelled across Liberia without a cent in their pockets simply to set up meetings and establish an organization that they believed in. Many times they travelled on foot, at night or in the rain and when possible they would give roadside lectures in order to earn money to cover their travel.

With a drive to target the very causes of crime, our two visionaries began a journey that is still changing the face of Liberia today. Youth Crime Watch of Liberia was officially launched on Friday 28th of January, 2005 on the main campus of the University of Liberia with youth from all facets of the Liberian society attending. By then end of 2005, not only had Youth Crime Watch Liberia aided in assuring the presidential elections were peaceful but had also established several Youth Crime Watch Schools, led several youth leadership trainings, and won two International Extra Mile Awards for Zuo Taylor and Ernest Vafee for their determination to create safer communities for the youth of Liberia.

As time progressed Youth Crime Watch Liberia became more and more devoted to directly affecting the causes of crime which has led to the vast array of programs we offer today. In 2006, we began expanding our programs into universities and partnered with UNMIL to launch anti-rape campaigns and spreading knowledge on how and why to report rape and other crimes.  We remain dedicated to putting youth in charge of their communities and their nation while ensuring safety, responsibility, citizenship and entrepreneurship. We believe not only empowering our youth with skills, strategies, resources and opportunities but also in supporting them every step of the way with mentorship. We know our youth are the future and we believe in giving them the access, education and experience they need to get there.


To mobilize and equip a youth-led movement in schools and communities in partnership with public and private institutions to create a safer environment free of crime, violence, illicit drugs, gender-based violence, and to foster youth empowerment and good citizenship throughout Liberia.


To expand a youth-led movement to all areas locally, and nationally involving all facets of community in support of the altruistic motives of youth and to inspire“watch out”, “help out” commitment resulting in a dramatic reduction in crime, violence, and drugs abuse.

Value Statement

Youth Crime Watch of Liberia holds that all youth are valued individually and collectively, and subscribes to the values of good citizenship, moral integrity, pride in ourselves and our community, self-reliance, accountability, personal responsibility, and care and respect for others. Youth Crime Watch members assume proactive leadership roles involving positive peer influence and a “watch out, help out” philosophy.



We and our youth believe in intentional change and recognize that change results from a multi-angled, and multi-partied approach. It is because of this we have decided that we need to create a web of empowered, cooperative, change oriented teams of youth and youth-committed organizations who share a co-created vision for Liberia and its youth.

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