We here at Youth Crime Watch Liberia believe that our programs inspire and create change. We empower our children and youth to have the voice, capacity and means to design, implement and monitor that change.

This process has a cost. While we try our hardest to keep costs at a minimum and maximize our impact we are always in need of material donations and financial support. Please consider becoming a part of our national and international fundraising campaigns. As a small local NGO, our funding sources are limited but we strongly believe that Liberians themselves can take charge of their own futures. That is why we are a Liberian run organization seeking positive change for Liberian people.

Because of our small staff and limited resources we need volunteers like yourself to help us fundraise in any way possible. We even encourage you to do so from the comfort of your own home, out in your local town, with your government or for-profit agency or from our on the ground location in Paynesville, Liberia.

Please consider being part of our fundraising team and continue the empowerment of marginalized children and youth.  You can email us at: