YCW Schools and Peace Project

YCW Schools and Peace Project

Youth Crime Watch’s programs are base key philosophies of generic components; including conflict resolution, mediation/mentoring, drugs, crimes and violence education, action projects, cross generational and peer education etc. Each of these components goes a long way helping the society work with and respect youth.


YCWL’s Crime, Drugs and Violence prevention programswork in partnership with communities, schools, crime prevention professionals like the Liberia National Police, UNMIL Civilian Police and other security related organizations; using both formal or informal skills building activities that addresses the facts and consequences that accompany crime, drugs and violence. We teach preventive methods in an effort to change attitudes, knowledge and behaviors in youth and their community.


We acquire valuable information from these activities and share them with community members during our training programs or patrols. Education is the third component of our program and it may involve things such as public service announcements, music, posters, forums, and many other approaches that you might never have thought of as teaching but which serve to “spread the word.” We teach our members and community dwellers the basic ways to prevent crimes and report them if they do occur beyond their scope of understanding.



Our aim is to help people to understand a problem (such as a sort of crime), by creating awareness and education and encourage them to take action to prevent or stop it.


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