Education for all

Many young people find it difficult to obtain education mainly because of financial constraints. Most of them are self-sponsored in schools and/or are sponsored by young relatives who do not have decent jobs. This has given rise to increase in out of school and dropouts. Without an adequate education, young people face a difficult transition to adulthood and independence as they are likely to experience unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. The exclusion of young people from the education system, and consequently from other opportunities later if life, is likely to persist unless policies are adopted and implemented to ameliorate the situation.

As a response to this potentially explosive situation, Youth Crime Watch of Liberia has instituted Education 4 All to support students in schools.


Our Education 4 All program envisions educated Liberian Youth leading their country, supporting peaceful reconstruction, and reducing crime. Our Mission is to enable disadvantaged youth and children to attend/enroll in school with the supports necessary to achieve academic success and transition to independence.


By providing financial and educational support to our youth as well as fostering leadership we believe that we are truly providing our youth with opportunities to become leaders of change.

By providing financial aid to youth we are giving them the opportunity to continue their education. This allows youth to become empowered with knowledge and skills that are needed to become powerful actors and leaders of change.